Your wedding day deserves a personalized approach.

Your wedding photography is one of the most important things your can invest in, it is a gift to your future selves as well as your future generations.

Long after your cake has been cut, the music stops and the flowers fade... your memories remain. Much like a fine bottle of wine, your photographs will only appreciate in value. Your wedding photographs and your heirloom pieces are yours to have and to hold from now until forever. This is your legacy and it begins here. 


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Imagine all the hard work you’ve poured into planning the perfect day, finally coming to fruition. Your wedding day will come like a whirlwind and with it, countless moments each as precious as the last.

Every moment matters. You deserve wedding documentation that will preserve this once in a life time experience.

The moment you slip into your dress.

The look on your finance’s face as you make your way down the aisle. 

The elation you feel when you enter the room, announced for the first time as newlyweds; seeing the smiling faces of all your closest family and friends.

Envision your wedding day...

Let me share a secret with you...

There is magic in holding a photograph. When you hold a print in your hand you have the ability to revisit memories, to immerse yourself in a time since past… to not just see the moment captured but to feel the emotion wrapped around it.

that there will be countless memories being made on your wedding day.

that each guest attending your wedding was personally invited by you, because they personally mean something to you whether friend or family… they have a special place in your heart.

the months (sometimes years) of hard work that goes into making your wedding day the show stopper it will be. Every detail matters. 

Rest assured on your wedding day my team, and I are there to ensure your day is not only documented beautifully but that you are completely taken care of. 

I understand...

I value...

I appreciate...

Now journey in time with me…

How do you envision yourself enjoying your wedding photos in the next 10 years? What about 30 years?

Can you see yourself sitting next to your spouse smiling together as you flip through the pages of your wedding album, perhaps telling your grandchildren all about what it was like?

I BELIEVE strongly that your wedding day is just the beginning of your story; and I believe stories are meant to be told, shared, and experienced.

Shannon's photographs are hanging all around our house and help to continue the telling of our story together.

Matthew and Anna 

about what’s important to you and create a customized plan for your wedding day.

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