The truth is we live in a world of ever changing technology. I'm old enough to testify on the many ways digital storage has changed. Does anyone else remember CD's, ipods, or MYSpace? Do I dare say floppy disk... I'm aged like a fine wine okay? HAHA! My computers don't even have a USB port anymore. The thing is, technology has changed before and will change again. 

10 years from now can you trust that the same cloud storage you're using will still be there? The only surefire way to see that your memories are safely preserved is to print them.

I will never forget the day my Daughter, just two years old at the time, dropped (ok more like threw) my phone onto the tile floor!! The phone landed with an impressive CRACK! I quickly reached for it only to find a shattered black screen and unresponsive buttons. After consulting with three local cell phone repair shops, I came to accept that the photos on my phone were irretrievable. I lost ALL of my photos that I had taken of my daughter’s first two years of her life.

My first mistake was not backing up these precious memories; my second was thinking they were safe living as files on a phone. 

Your memories are so much more than just a collection of images to be viewed online. You deserve to experience them in a tangible way.


...not just with the click of a mouse, or the swipe of a finger, but in a real and tangible way.

You deserve to have the most important moments in your life not just documented but preserved; whether through the pages of your own heirloom album or as featured art in your home. I want you to walk by your art everyday and have it bring a smile to your face. Let your custom designed pieces serve as daily reminders of what its all about... the people you love the most. 

You deserve to enjoy your photos every day!



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Share your love story with the people that matter


Custom art work, centered around your most cherished memories


Make a statement in your


relive your happiest moments over and over

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Enjoy your photos

Tell me how you envision enjoying your memories.

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