is truly one of the most exciting times in your life, it can also be a crazy time.

Your moments captured are yours to have and to hold… Your Legacy will be artfully preserved through the pages of your own heirloom album and crafted to display in your home.

With so much to check off and so many dreams to bring to life, it can often feel like a whirlwind. Serving a decade in the customer service industry has led me to the conviction that being your wedding photographer means more than just providing you with beautiful images, It means delivering to you an experience. 

From our initial meeting to designing your custom album, I am dedicated to making your entire wedding experience memorable.

On the wedding day my team, and I are there to ensure your day is not only documented beautifully but that you are completely taken care of. 

Being a SMP couple means your memories live on. 


I am genuinely interested in YOU. I believe your story, your relationship, and your vision is unique. Getting to know you beforehand, allows me to capture your wedding day in a way that is personalized to reflect what matters most to you.

step ONE

It is important for me to really get to you know your story and learn about what you value.

Engagement Session 

This session is an opportunity for us to work together before the wedding day, it allows you to get a glimpse of what it will be like to be professionally photographed together before the biggest day of your life. Similarly it allows me to learn even more about you. It is at this session that I will learn to capture your unique chemistry in a way that authentically reflects you. Most importantly your Engagement Session is designed with you in mind, this is a time for you to escape the pressures of wedding planning and bask in the joy of just being engaged to the love of your life! 

step TWO

The Engagement Session is our first experience making magic together! 



No two weddings are the same, your personalized timeline will be built to ensure that your wedding day is stress free, and allows for all the wedding coverage you desire.  

step THREE

Every SMP couple receives a customized wedding day timeline.



Rest assured the one thing you don’t have to worry about is your wedding photography. My team and I are there to ensure that your wedding day is not only documented beautifully but that you are completely taken care of. Whether your need help with your carrying your dress, a bobby pin for your hair, or you just need help wrangling a rowdy crowd for that special family portrait. The SMP experience is all about being helpful when needed and blending in when it’s time to capture those quiet candids.

step FOUR

This is it! The day you have been waiting for.



Your Reveal date is set for approximately six weeks after your wedding day, you are invited to come to the studio, enjoy a glass of wine, and view your wedding photos for the first time.

After the initial reveal, we sit down and design your custom album… walking you through the design process, we will create a timeless heirloom that will tell your story for generations to come. Your custom thumb-drive will be ready for you to take home, along with the release of your gallery which can be shared with all your family and friends.  

step FIVE

Reliving your happiest moments all over again, and experiencing new ones that you never knew happened.



The laughter that is shared between friends, the tender moment of a tear rolling down a cheek, and the look on your fiancés face when they see you for the first time, are all part of a greater narrative. This is your story and it is worth preserving. I believe you and your loved ones deserve more than just digital files… I want to help you preserve your legacy… to provide physical evidence of a life well lived. Your albums and wall collections are designed to be impactful pieces of art, that serve as reminders of what matters most in your life. They are meant to be held, flipped through and passed down. Most of all they are designed to be transporters of time, breathing life into moments since past.

step SIX

Your wedding photos are more than just moments captured... 


how it all works...

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to begin planning your wedding experience. 

Shannon's photographs are hanging all around our house and help to continue the telling of our story together.

Matthew and Anna 


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